About us

Using the Power of Words to Change the World

We believe that every child deserves a transformative learning experience. Through our unique and proven approach to educating children, we develop each student's agency to tell dynamic stories and excel in any space they occupy.
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Our vision

St. Louis Voices Academy will nurture a generation of leaders who bring a critical eye to the world around them, uplift important and diverse stories, and chart their own course. We will work with parents, administrators and teachers to create a critical lens through which our students can view the world around them, and empower them to make an impact on their community.

Our pillars

We take a practical approach to eduction and meeting students where they are — immersed in media, storytelling and content. The pillars of our educational model focus on developing modern skills to equip students for life outside the classroom.

Pillar 1

Media and Storytelling

Media is the tool our students use to create their own stories, as well as demonstrate their findings and understanding of educational themes.

Students learn to use different mediums, print, digital and internet, including the use of audio, photography, video, and printing equipment, software and internet application to manipulate and publish content.

Pillar 2

Real-World Inquiry

Learning is active and students are engaged in discovery, grappling, and meaning-making. We define inquiry as the process of asking questions and seeking answers. Students develop the problem-solving skills to seek answers inside and outside of school.

Pillar 3

Whole Child Development

Our students are not just academic outcomes: they are human beings who have unique ideas, feelings, and aspirations. We honor this by helping students understand and articulate their strengths, identify and communicate emotions, and implement strategies to work through challenging emotions.

Pillar 4

Progressive Learner Autonomy

Controlling every aspect of students’ academic and social lives does not create independent thinkers. We provide our learners with autonomy that creates a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence in students' abilities to successfully navigate in different learning environments and their community.

Core values

community • commitment • courage
confidence • compassion •  celebration
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Our mission

The mission of St. Louis Voices Academy is to leverage media arts and storytelling to equip students with the agency to excel academically, author their own futures, and make meaningful contributions in their communities.

Our aims

While our vision, pillars, and mission steer our educational direction — it's our aims that shape how we envisions our students day-to-day. We build our programs and curriculum to foster these qualities.

Aim 1

Self-Directed Scholars

Students are self-aware and curious. They think critically and creatively to solve problems and achieve goals. Students perform, achieve, and excel academically.

Aim 2

Powerful Communicators

Students are  engaging storytellers who challenge and  influence the perspectives of others through meaningful, relevant, engaging  stories.

Aim 3

Effective Collaborators

With a high degree of self-efficacy, students build relationships and work across lines of difference to accomplish tasks with a high degree of efficiency and quality.

Aim 4

Compassionate Changemakers

With empathy and deep understanding, students create change through personal efforts as well as empowering others.

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